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Perry Photographic CPE Nationals 2022

We hope you enjoyed 2022 CPE Nationals! We know you are eager to see your pictures. Please be patient while we sort and process over 150,000 images taken by our photographers during the event. We are working on the "All Images" Package orders first, then the images will be uploaded to the website so you can pick out your favorites. Photos are being sorted by dog, and will appear on the website by exhibitor name (with separate album folders for each dog for exhibitors having multiple dogs). We took photos of every dog that competed, whether you pre-ordered or not. Digital image packages are available, as well as individual digital images, prints, and our specialty montage in various sizes. Below are links to the price list and order forms.

  • The "All Images" Package: 1st Dog - $200, 2nd Dog - $175, 3rd Dog - $155 (same family). You get a digital image of every photo we take of your dog. This package receives priority over other orders in the processing queue, and is the quickest way to get your images.
  • The "20 Images" Package: $100 per dog. Browse the 2022 CPE Nationals album after it is posted on our website and pick out your 20 favorites. You will have until Oct 1st to make your selections; after that Susan will choose for you.
  • Montage: A custom-designed work of art you will enjoy for years to come. The montage is typically 3 to 5 images artfully placed and blended, with optional text of your choosing. The images can be of the same dog or of different dogs. The montage can be printed on photographic paper, canvas, or metal (see price list for sizes and prices). You can view examples of montages we have previously done in the "For your viewing pleasure" album, located here.

Shipping Costs: All Image Package - There will be too many images to download them all, so please add $8 for the cost of a flashdrive (or CD if you prefer) and shipping. If you have ordered multiple dogs, they can all be put on the same flashdrive. 20 Image Package (or individual digital images) - These can be emailed to you for downloading, no shipping fee. If you prefer to have them on a flashdrive, please add $8. Prints, Canvas, other items - please see price list.

Order Forms: Print and mail with your check, or email the form information to vwperryphotos@yahoo.com and we will send you an email invoice with a link to make a secure online payment via Square or Paypal. Do not send your credit card info to us in an email.

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Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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